Addiction Recovery

Lucille Raines Residence (LRR) is the next step to independent living.  Residents here are held to goals, have private rooms, pay rent (utilities included), maintain employment, and move along their journey in recovery. LRR is owned and operated by the United Women In Faith of Indiana; it is a faith-based recovery facility. We believe in the God of our understanding to be the source of successful recovery. We believe in hope.

Residency Requirements

Residency Requirements. . .
• Already have received help through a treatment program
• Referral by a counselor or other qualified case management
• Full-time employment unless on disability and will qualify for the income guideline
• Commitment to live clean and sober, work with a sponsor, attend meetings, and participate in support groups
• Pay weekly rent (utilities included) of $130

Contact Us

947 N  Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204

[email protected]

(317) 636-3328

(317) 636-0073

Immediate Help

Lucille Raines Residence is not a first step in recovery or detox treatment. If you are experiencing a dependency crisis.

Dial 211 to seek help.

Meetings & Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous – Find an AA Meeting

Narcotics Anonymous – Find a NA Meeting

Cocaine Anonymous – Find a CA Meeting

Heroin Anonymous – Find an HA Meeting

When & How Does LRR Fit In Your Recovery Journey?

The basis of the self-help program is a daily inventory of defects in character and the sharing of these defects with another person. It is suggested that a part of each day be set aside for meditation and prayer — the end result being that one learns to turn his/her life over to God day-by-day. The support that grows out of the sharing forms the community that is the backbone of the program and becomes the strength which enables recovery to occur.

We accept clients through referrals from local counseling services and case management.

Many people are interested in becoming a resident at LRR, because it gives them the opportunity to make their next step towards independent living.

There is no standard time-frame for stay. Some individuals might stay for 18 months and some longer. Each person’s journey is unique and their length of stay will depend on many things; recovery does not happen overnight.