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The Elevator
Is Open!!

Praise God the long awaited day has arrived! The elevator is open for use by the residents. Dreaming and discussion began in the summer of ’21, and then the Task Force came together in October of 2021 with the seemingly impossible job of raising $750,000. Finally after permits, architects, contractors, etc. were in place the work began. Residents have been climbing the stairs since May 9, 2023.
Although different obstacles slowed the progress, God has been faithful to see it to completion. Monies raised exceeded the goal, and today, January 29, 2024. the vision is a reality! This is the picture of Carolyn and Mariea cutting the red ribbon.
Thank you goes to each and everyone of you for sharing the Raines story and the heart of this ministry, and for your continual work to promote the Accessibility Campaign. Together, with God’s help, we did this!!
New Elevator

time to boiler up!

The boiler at Lucille Raines Residence was leaking and could not be repaired. For the well being of the residents and by law, it had to be replaced.

Prayerfully consider a donation to this necessary project.

Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much.

Please mark your generous donations with 

“boiler or as needed”.

Bringing Hope and New Life

  • From its inception in 1977, the Lucille Raines Residence (LRR) has sought to be one of God’s instruments to lift people up and help them rebuild their lives.
  • LRR is a safe place for people recovering from addiction to establish a solid foundation from which to move forward in life. This is our primary mission and the reason we exist.
  • Lucille Raines Residence has been and will continue to be one of the primary missional projects of The United Women in Faith of Indiana (formerly The United Methodist Women of Indiana), whose commitment to this transformational ministry of addiction recovery has brought hope and new life to thousands of people from all across Indiana.

Hoosiers are struggling with addiction.

Once a Lucille Raines Resident in recovery herself, Mariea is now the Program Coordinator at the facility.

Raines offers a safe place, a supportive network, and a community connection for the residents in order for them to take the next step towards reclaiming their lives.

Life At Lucille Raines Residence

Located in downtown Indianapolis at 947 N. Pennsylvania St., Lucille Raines Residence (LRR) is known as a “three-quarter house” for recovering addicts in transition after in-patient treatment. We offer 49 private rooms on five floors in the former Nottingham Court Hotel. Our location is within walking distance, or on public transportation routes, of several employment opportunities. We consistently host 46-48 residents, evenly divided between women and men, who represent a broad sampling of races and ethnicities.

We are very intentional in maintaining a nurturing environment of encouragement and accountability where hope is born anew, along with self-respect and restored dignity.

View a Photo Gallery of Life at LRR

Self Responsible

Residents work 40 hours per week and pay $130 per week for rent and utilities

Active In Recovery

Participate in weekly life-altering addiction support groups and stay accountable with their sponsor

In Community

Gather with others to interact and share in a supportive community which enables sustained recovery

Stick To The Plan

Residents stay a recommended 18 months to two years

Our Stories

We invite you to further explore the ministry and life-changing experiences at LRR through these video testimonials. 

Some things are best seen through the eyes of those walking through recovery. Watch their video testimonies so that you might better understand addiction and the road to recovery. 

Life At Raines (continued)

LRR is located in the old Nottingham Court Hotel. It was built in the 1920s and while it definitely requires maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, it is a wonderful temporary home for healing and recovery. Each resident has their own private room and there are a few community spaces where they can relax together, workout, cook meals, and gather.